Set Printer as default in C#

As we learned how to list installed printers , also it is possible set printer as default at run time with some tricky C# code. This can be achieved by using winspool.drv functionality.

Firstly incorporate the Winspool functionality to C# by using DllImport.

  1. Add using System.Runtime.InteropServices
  2. Add a public class Myprinter and implement SetDefaultPrinter method (bottom of the namespace )


public static class myPrinters
 [DllImport("winspool.drv", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true)]
 public static extern bool SetDefaultPrinter(string Name);


Now you can simply set a printer as default using the following code.

myPrinters.SetDefaultPrinter(<yourprinter name>);


That is all for today

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