Delete a rows using command builder and dataset in C#

The following example simply illustrate how you can delete rows using dataset and command builder in C#. As a C# programmer you may know how important a dataset is.

Here in our example, we first create a database adapter pointing to some table rows and then build a dataset which is the local representation of database table.

Common.StockPurchase_Part = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from purchasepart where billno=" + bno, Common.con);
 Common.StockPurchasePartDataset = new DataSet();

Now lets create a command builder and configure the delete command of the adapter.

Common.cmdbuilder = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommandBuilder(Common.StockPurchase_Part);
 Common.StockPurchase_Part.DeleteCommand = Common.cmdbuilder.GetDeleteCommand();

Now we  need to mark the rows we want to delete, using the Rows collection. In my example , I have only one rows, which is stored in the 0th position. So my code will look like


Now all I need is just call the Update method of the adapter and it simply works.


Hope you got the technique.

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