Find rows with Find() in c#

Database programming is easy with Visual Studio.Net projects, it offers a variety of methods to visualize the programming logic. Here in our example, we demonstrate how you can extract specific rows from a TableView, which is the local representation of the SQL Table/Database Table View.

First I need a table view, like

 ProductTableAdapter = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from productMaster", con);
 ProductTableAdapter.Fill(ProductTableDataset, "ProductMaster");
 ProductTableView = new DataView(ProductTableDataset.Tables[0]);

Now I am going to find some rows for a specific product in the table view using the Find() method.

taekproduct="Citrizine Tab";

int i = Common.ProductTableView.Find(takeproduct);

First I need to specify the Sort column which is the same column with the value I want to search. Second the product itself.

The Find() returns the row number instead of the row itself which can be used to access the row you want. If it’s 1 you can make sure you succeeded to find the row with takeproduct value otherwise the value will be -1.

Then I extract the tax rate from the table.

 if (i != -1)
 { takecgst = takesgst = takeigst = 0;
 double.TryParse( Common.ProductTableView[i]["cgst"].ToString(),out cgstrate);
 double.TryParse(Common.ProductTableView[i]["sgst"].ToString(), out sgstrate);
 double.TryParse(Common.ProductTableView[i]["igst"].ToString(), out igstrate);}


that’s all I got today.



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