VB6 : Adding a Grid control to Data Report

A summary in sales/purchase invoice a necessary for clarifying levied tax details or something like that. In VB6 Report allows you use limited controls only (Label, Textbox, Image control etc)

A grid view of summary as follows may add some beauty to your report, isn’t it?


As you know, you can’t  add a grid control to your Visual Basic 6.0 Data Report. So we need to alternate method. I suggest adding a screen picture of the grid instead of the using control, this can be quiet easy.

  1. First, you need to generate a data grid view of the required details, you can use the existing grid or add a new grid for this purpose on Form[eg: Sales/Purchase]
  2. Place an Image control to your data report page footer. [ Right click – Insert control – image]
  3. Set the Picture property of the grid to Image control as follows
Set Report.Sections("Sectionbelow").Controls("img_footer").Picture = gridPritnPic.Picture

and the Report footer will look like this


Additional information:

Most of the controls in VB6, such as Listview, Treeview possessed the Picture property so that we can utilize its screen to many purposes, not only on data report but also on regular Forms too with Picture and Image controls.


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