How to Map Network Drive on Windows 10

Map Network Drive allow computer to access user shared drive in a network. Users can easily access the program and files and execute simultaneously on server as well as clients. As in the Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 and 8.1, the newest addition to Microsoft OS array, Windows 10 also support this feature.

Let’s learn how to map a drive in Windows.

Turn the network Discovery on   

First up all, in order to get access to the networked system, you need to turn on the network discovery. This can be done by changing  Advanced Sharing Settings. Go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings  and tun on Network Discovery, so that the network can be easily identified.

Share the Drive on Server

Make sure your Server admin share the Drive with appropriate privileges.

Set up the derive letter

Suppose you need to Map Drive letter ‘E:’ from the server, make sure that you don’t have a drive with that name. If you had one please change the drive letter using the Mange tool. 
The Manage utility can be accessed by Right click My Computer/My PC and access Manage command. Then go to the Disk Management, right click the drive you want to change the letter, choose Change Drive letter and Path
*Even if it is a DVD drive letter you need to change it for mapping.

Mapping the Network drive

Now we are ready for Mapping the Network Drive. Right click the network or My PC/My computer and choose Map Network Drive command.
Choose The drive letter and Choose the same drive letter from the server and click OK. 
Every time when your network is available the drive will work as regular local drive and the program can also accessible to other mapped systems on the network. 

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