Install packages with the Python package Index

PyPI – the Python Package Index is the largest Python package repository meant for the Python programming community. It consist of dozens of packages from programmers around the world which minimizes the coding tasks. Flask and Django were some of the top Python frame work in the PyPI.

The easiest way to install a Python Package from repository is pip command, a samll Python program. You can install the pip by download and compile the files.

Compiling get-pip

Go to your command prompt and locate the file and compile with Python interpreter
C:/>Python  and will install the Python Package Index command on your computer.

Installing packages

Lets install Django framework .
C:/> pip install django
will install the Django web frame work on your system , make sure your internet/Wi-Fi connection turned on.

Uninstalling packages

You can also use the Python Package Index (pip) to uninstall a package as follows
C:/> pip uninstall

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