Python is one of the hobbyist programming language .It laid backbone to many online service like Google search. Linux and other popular OS come with default Python installation but Windows doesn’t.
You can find a free copy from for your OS and can run the IDLE GUI/Command line for compiling python scripts and have fun. At the same time the Python interpreter is not available to run from all of your drives using MS Dos.
The Windows installer let you add the Python path to Windows, sometimes you need retouch to activate the option. The Installer add a ‘/’ at the end of the string, which Windows don’t like at all. Let’s fix it
Right click My Computer – Properties – Advanced System Settings and access the environment variables.
Find path value under System Variables.
 Remove the ‘\’ at the end of the string. You can also set the system path manually, remember the ‘\’ slash. A reboot will set the Python path active.

Reboot and launch command prompt try Python from any drive of your choice and it will invoke the Python command line.

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